Nicholas Hale
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I choose to work exclusively with men and women who are ready to experience powerful change and growth in their lives. My goal is to bring depth, change and transformation, and I work only with those whose goals align.

It is enormously inspiring and fulfilling to bring true transformation to the lives of those around me. I understand that not everyone is ready for this work. Thus, the free coaching offering is an opportunity for both of us to explore the possibility of alignment.

Take the Leap

This 12-week intensive program dives deep into all areas of life using the Creation Clarity model to bring real transformation to the lives of my clients. This program is designed to shift your mindset and limiting beliefs, and put in place the habits and routines to completely recreate your life.

You will be taken through 5 distinct phases throughout the 12 weeks:

Clarity: We will explore your true purpose in life, what your desires, intentions, truths and dreams are.

Clearing: We will examine your habits and routines, your mindsets and belief structures, and will shift negative behaviours while bringing in positive frames

Communication: This phase looks at all aspects of communication and how you relate to the world around you. Creating and improving all areas of your human relationships.

Condition: We examine your diet, nutrition, health, sleep, and exercise, and bring in powerful changes to your energy, physical body and experience of life

Creation: Bring visions, aspirations, plans, goals and accountability together to create the life of your dreams

Year Intensive

This powerful year-long coaching program is specifically tailored for only the most committed of applicants.

I only work with 5 long-term clients at any one time and am only interested in working with people that want to level up every aspect of their lives through an ongoing, challenging and expansive process.

It consists of a deep dive into every aspect of each client's life, looking at limiting beliefs, mindsets, unconscious patterns and behaviours.