Nicholas Hale

Do you want to live your purpose?

Are you ready to take the leap?


Let me ask you some questions

  • Are you fit, healthy and full of vitality and energy?

  • Do you have the quality of relationships that you desire?

  • Do your mindsets serve you or cause you pain?

  • Are you living a life of abundance?

  • Do you have powerful routines that bring out the best in your daily life?

  • Are your mindsets and routines bringing positivity or pain to your life?

Are you truly living the life of your dreams?

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.
— Brené Brown

Why Work With Me?

My experience in life has taught me that in order to lead a powerful, purpose driven, authentic, fulfilling life, it’s not enough to focus on a single aspect. True change requires work, external perspectives, courage, accountability, life experience and a willingness to be seen as you truly are, not as you want to be seen.  

The intense pain I experienced hitting rock bottom when I was 27 meant that I was forced to look at my entire life from a place of humility. I woke up one day with $80,000 in debt, I had put on 25 kgs, and I was living an entirely unhealthy existence without connection to my body or my heart. The relationships that I had cultivated throughout my 20s had evaporated and I was alone. While my career was moving forward, I didn’t feel truly connected to passion or purpose. I wasn’t inspired by life and I was using sex, drugs and alcohol to mask the pain I was feeling.

From that realisation, I began consistently engaging coaches and mentors in all areas of life. Whether in the realm of fitness, finance, mindset, dating and relationships, performance, or spirituality, coaches have been an invaluable part of my development. I’ve read countless books on any and all topics related to the growth I experienced. I took courses on NLP, coaching, energy healing, men’s work, dating and relationships, finance, investing, property, spirituality, health and nutrition.

As a result of my own research and learning, coaches, mentors and relentless, ongoing experimentation on myself, I have come to a place in life where I understand what truly works. I can see our infinite potential in life. The only question is whether you’re ready - if you have the courage and the commitment to change.

I have taken the best aspects, tools, and processes I’ve learned and incorporated them into my personal life and the powerful coaching sessions I provide. These techniques mean that true shifts in life can be brought into existence in the shortest amount of time.

I am incredibly curious about my clients and want to understand where their mindsets, motivations, and life challenges come from. I have an innate ability to see into their potential and can bring the best out of them.

I have been coaching men and women for over 6 years, initially focusing on dating, relationships and intimacy. What I recognised is that relationships are only part of the puzzle, and without a holistic view, true greatness cannot be achieved. I feel that all areas need to be transformed to lead the life of your dreams. It is not enough to change one aspect without looking at the whole.

I know the courage it takes to step into change and the desire to have more than what we’re conditioned to believe is possible. While it’s been a long journey to health, joy, abundance and living on my terms, I am here to show you that it’s possible.

I hope you can feel there is more to life!

There is nothing better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time.
— Malcolm X


Nick is one of my favourite coaches ever because he taught me self-awareness while also teaching me to tackle obstacles. As somebody who has historically been a bit of a class-clown and comes across as a bit much when first meeting people, Nick helped me to balance this and bring out my less nervous side so that I could truly connect with people.  
The coaching sessions with him changed my life!  It was not just the session, but the support and guidance afterwards that made all the difference.
Thank you so much, Nick! I will always appreciate what you have taught me.



Having crossed paths with Nick both personally and professionally, I can say without a doubt that he is one of the most loving, wise, and effective men I’ve come across. His amazing ability to quick shift my limiting perspective and the life experience he carries lends to his gift to the conscious movement. My life and our communities are well nourished by his deep presence and warm heart.